The Spirit Stories

An abandoned newborn foal became a center of attention and the inspiration for a children’s book. An equine rescue organization in Montgomery, Texas known as Spirit Acres Farm Equine Rescue & Sanctuary is passionate about protecting horses.

Take the case of Spirit, a 1-day-old foal found alongside a road by a small boy and his friend who took the baby horse home to his mother. The lady called the Fund for Horses who immediately contacted Kat Matrician, who founded and runs Spirit Acres.

“Kat went over immediately and rescued the little foal. She was so small she fit in the backseat of Kat’s vehicle,” explained Vivian Farrell, founder and President of the Houston based Fund for Horses. “Kat got her home and dealt with the foal’s immediate needs. The little foal has thrived ever since and become quite a character around the place.”

The boys who found the foal called her Spirit, and considering where Spirit found a home, namely Spirit Acres, the whole scenario seemed ordained from the first.

Last year Spirit Acres volunteer Valerie Smith wrote a children’s book about Spirit, a series of short stories for children.

“I became involved as a volunteer when I heard about Spirit,” Smith said. “As a writer of children’s books, I wanted to publish the story of Spirit, the inquisitive pony that solves mysteries at the ranch.


“Once upon a time, in the countryside of green fields and rolling hills, there was a horse farm. Horses of all ages and sizes lived at the farm where they were looked after by Miss Kathy. However, there was one little dappled pony living at the farm who was turning out to be quite extraordinary. Her name was Spirit…” Spirit is just one of many horses at Miss Kathy’s horse farm, but she is the most inquisitive and adventurous of them all. Spirit solves mysteries, makes friends and helps other horses find a loving home. Join Spirit, Trixie and Miss Kathy at the little horse farm in the countryside.All profits from sales of The Spirit Stories by Valerie Smith benefit Spirit Acres and the horses lucky enough to live out their lives there.

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