War Emblem

By Michael Blowen, Old Friends Equine

We’ve received many inquiries about the current status of War Emblem at Shadai Stallion Stud in Japan.

According to the Blood-horse, the 2002 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winning son of Our Emblem, is being retired from stud duty. Despite the best efforts of the international racing community, War Emblem was clearly more successful on the race track than in the breeding shed.

For the past many months, we have been in contact with Mr. Yoshida through our Japanese representative, Megumi Igarashi concerning War Emblem’s future. We are deeply grateful to Mr. Yoshida for his support of Old Friends. He even sent us four of War Emblem’s shoes to auction off to raise money for Old Friends (The first one will be auctioned on Saturday at our annual Old Friends Homecoming).

We hope that Old Friends is in War Emblem’s future. We would love to share this great American racehorse with his fans. He could even become an additional symbol of cooperation between Old Friends Equine retirement and stallion stations abroad.

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