The Horse on the Hill: January 8, 2008

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WASHINGTON D.C. — Hello everyone, and Happy New Year from the Horse on the Hill.

The buzz in Washington DC is all about the caucuses and state voting in the run up to this year’s presidential campaign. Many people are now seen wearing their favorite candidate’s button. Perhaps it clashed with the Christmas decorations, but you have not seen that in the past few weeks.

HR 503 and S 311
The horse slaughter bills (HR 503 and S 311 — amendment to the Horse Protection Act banning slaughter and export for slaughter) are creating a buzz of their own over at We wanted to make sure you were aware so you could get involved by posting the information on the home page of our website. Unfortunately WordPress do not support the scripts that allow us to post it here.

Speaking of the Horse on the Hill, 2007 was a big year and we had an enormous amount of participation, in the Horse on the Hill Gang. You are a wonderful group who got involved in all the activities and contributed your money. This meant we were able to stem the tide of constant lobbying and behind the scenes tactics employed by the pro slaugther camp so we lost no ground and most importantly, no co-sponsors. As a matter of fact, we entrenched support and gained new co-sponsors.

This may not seem like much, but with the battles that have ensued and the money spent against the bill, it is quite miraculous. For many of you, particularly if you are new to the issue, you may not be aware of what a David and Goliath fight this is.

We still need your support, and we — but most importantly of all he horses — are betting on you to come through.

Horse Dung Award

The Horse Dung Award this week has to go to presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. He admitted to eating and enjoying horsemeat. It has been suggested that this was to placate Iowan farmers who see animal activists as the enemy (check out the Farm Bill first and NAIS, then come back to us if you still feel the same way). Well, Huckabee did win the Iowa Caucus. Not sure what that says about the parties involved.

:: Read UAN asks Huckabee to forego eating horses, IFH website.

:: Read Huckabee, Romney and animal cruelty, Vivian Grant personal blog.

Former Horse Dung Award winner, Sen. Larry Craig, trying to ingratiate himself and win back any kind of favor on the Hill, prostituted himself to the lowest common denominator who just happen to be pro slaughter (imagine that), and made a speech on the Senate floor against putting S 311 to the vote. Craig only harmed himself. Being so misinformed, one has to wonder if he was set up to speak against such a popular bill. Craig’s action brought out a backlash from the cheap seats and those on the Hill who were targets of their ire “were not amused.” Thankfully, their disgust was mostly reserved for Craig and their assailants, and not for the bill.

Thank you, and have a great rest of the week.

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