Barbaro’s resting place (US)

The following story by Kelsey Starks aired on ABC Louisville affiliate WHAS11 News

2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro stops to smell the roses

Louisville, Ky. — Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Barbaro’s death and The Derby City has been chosen to be where the 2006 Derby winner’s cremains will be buried.

Barbaro’s owners, Roy and Gretchen Jackson, will be at Churchill Downs Tuesday morning to make a special announcement.

The Jacksons have said they want Barbaro’s ashes to be in a place where the public can come to pay their respects. The Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs is already the final resting place to four Kentucky Derby winners. Many racing fans are happy that Barbaro will join them.

“It’s exciting for anything like that,” says Glenn Edelen, a Louisville resident. “This is a horse community. Churchill downs, everything here is so horse-related. That’s just a nice compliment to us … to Louisville.”

Louisville holds happy memories for the family of Barbaro. His greatest victory was here and it was a great win before his ultimate defeat.

“Certainly Barbaro was a legend here in Louisville and really across the world,” says Wendy Treinen, PR manager for the Kentucky Derby Museum. “It will be really wonderful to see him rest here on the grounds.”

And at Churchill Downs, he wouldn’t be alone. The oldest horse buried at the museum won the Derby in 1993. “Broker’s Tip” won only one race in his racing career – the Kentucky Derby. “Swaps,” the 1955 winner; “Carry Back,” who won in 1961; and “Sunny’s Halo”, the 1983 Derby winner, are all buried on the grounds.

“Traditionally, horses are buried with their heart, head and hooves,” says Treinen. “Head for the will to win, heart for courage and hooves for speed.”

And although Barbaro’s ashes only remain, his legacy is all of those things.

Barbaro was euthanized a year ago Tuesday, after fighting a series of ailments, including Laminitis in his hooves. Now, millions of dollars have been raised in Barbaro’s name to fund Laminitis research and fighting horse slaughter. Soon the public will be able to pay their respects to him, right here in Louisville.

“This is the capital of the horseracing world,” says Dave O’Bryan, a Louisville resident. “Churchill Downs is the best venue for it. It would have the widest appeal. I definitely think that would be a great idea.”

A news conference is scheduled for Tuesday at 10am at Churchill Downs. Barbaro’s family will be there and signing charity autographs immediately following the announcement.

Source of photograph: Unknown.

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2 thoughts on “Barbaro’s resting place (US)”

  1. No question this poor baby, after his heroic efforts to please his humans was murdered for thie insurance money. Who do you people think you’re fooling. Historically you all murder these horses in hideous ways out of greed. How unsuprisingly mundane of you to continue to rake in the millions in his name. You are not fit to be in the presence of any horse let alone one that gave his all to you only to be murdered for the sake of money. You will ultimately pay for your treatment of the helpless ones.


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