Horse on the Hill: February 12, 2008

Horse on the Hill GrfxBy VIVIAN GRANT


HR 503 – No new co-sponsors yet this month.

In speaking with Rep. Schakowsky’s office, they informed us they are seeking a bill to attach the provision banning horse slaughter and export for slaughter to. HR 503 is ‘two committeed,’ and the Chairs of both do not look on the bill with a friendly eye. This means that the House version of a bill is almost certain to die in committee, and the above is our best alternative for success.

Rep. Schakowsky’s office encourage us to continue lobbying for co-sponsors. We therefore ask that you to please check to see if your US Representative has co-sponsored HR 503. If they have not, then please call, write or fax them at your earliest opportunity politely asking them to do so.

Get Involved with Us

We have other plans afoot. States we need your assistance with are:

N Dakota
S Dakota

Some US Representatives have co-sponsored from these states, but many have not.
Find out who has co-sponsored HR 503. Remember to always request a reply when contacting legislators. Otherwise, you will not receive one.

S 311 – No new co-sponsors yet this month.

The Senate version of the bill languishes on the calendar. Efforts are being made to move it out for a vote. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, neither Senator Landrieu nor Senator Ensign seem to be interested in focusing any attention on the bill. We are still getting, “Let’s wait and see what happens.” That’s what we heard last year too. Waiting and seeing is therefore not going to move it across the hall, let alone out for a vote.

Other News

Two New Members of Congress

Two special elections were held to fill vacancies caused by the deaths of former Members Paul Gillmor and Jo Ann Davis. Republicans held on to both seats. Robert Latta won in Ohio’s 5th district, while Robert Wittman won in Virginia’s 1st district. The seats formerly held by Dennis Hastert (IL-14) and Julia Carson (IN-7) are the only remaining vacancies in the House. The special election primary for Hastert’s office will be held in February.

Find out who represents you in Washington at Congress.Org.

Weekly Tease

I encountered one of our major opponents in a social setting, a little worse the wear for a few cocktails, and he chastised us for not working the bills hard in both Chambers at the same time. This sage fellow pointed out that we flip flop from one side to the other. “Not that it’s going to do you any good,” he said cheerfully. I gave him a forced smile and thanked him for his guidance. Seems I remember him telling me almost as gleefully a couple of years ago we would never move our bill out of its House Committees. We did, and won the vote by a big majority. Sadly, however, and this is where he was right – the bill died over in the Senate because we ran out of time.

How I wish we had the money and manpower to do it the way it should be done, but alas, we do not. It is not a matter of not knowing what to do. It is what we can afford to do. So, we work as economically as we can, seeking always to get the most ‘bang for our buck.’


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