Rodeo abuse: Colorado (from SHARK)

SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) writes:

I hope you are all wearing hip boots, cause it’s getting pretty deep in Denver, and I’m not talking about the snow.

A fourth article has come out about the Denver National Western Rodeo. This article exposes that, contrary to claims from Colorado State Veterinarian, and infamous elk calf killer Dr. John Maulsby, who also chairs the rodeo Animal Care and Use Committee (yes, that’s a major conflict of interest) he did NOT talk to company officials at electric prod maker Miller Manufacturing, and therefore he was NOT told by those officials that it was acceptable to shock horses.

There a blizzard of corruption in Denver right now, as rodeo hacks like Dr. Maulsby scramble in an attempt to give a pass to rodeo animal abuse. Denver Animal Control Director Doug Kelley seems inclined to go with the flow, playing “yes man” to Maulsby’s outright lies.

Dr. Maulsby is perhaps the most notorious state veterinarian in the United States. In 1996 Dr. Maulsby was videotaped trying to kill an elk calf by breaking its neck. When that failed, Maulsby cut his victim’s throat. Maulsby was demoted for this cruelty when he should have been fired and prosecuted for EXTREME ANIMAL ABUSE.

Read the article here, Antlers of a Dilemma

I hope everyone will educate themselves about the history of Dr. Maulsby by checking out one of SHARK’s latest videos:

Denver Rodeo Vet Brutally Kills Elk Calf
View it here at end of this article. WARNING: HIGHLY GRAPHIC
Note: If it is not available, it has been taken down by YouTube because of protests by the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association), but SHARK will have it restored, as they have others

You can also check out the Denver Post articles that have covered SHARK’s bust of the Denver Rodeo, which is one of the jewels of the rodeo mafia:

Activist aims to jolt with rodeo video

Review OKs Bronc Prods

Investigators didn’t contact animal-prod maker

Now, we have exposed the The National Western Rodeo as just another filthy sludge pit of animal abuse, with wannabe cowboys shocking tame, domesticated horses to make them appear wild from pain and fear, and corrupt officials trying to sweep it all under the rug. Now is your time to make your voice heard, and to make change for the nonhuman victims of rodeo.


Please contact the Denver County Prosecutor’s Office, David R. Fine and insist that charges be filed against those who shocked horses at the Denver National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. Shocking horses violates Denver’s humane ordinance Section 8-131.

Office of the City Attorney
1437 Bannock, St., Room 353
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 865-8600
Fax: (720) 865-8796

Then contact Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and encourage him to make certain that the animal abusers are dealt with severely.

City and County Building
1437 Bannock Street, Suite 350
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 720.865.9000
Fax: 720.865.8787

If Colorado Governor Bill Ritter Jr. has any integrity at all, he will demand the long overdue resignation of the infamous Dr. John Maulsby, who has wallowed at the public trough for far too long, at the expense of far too many of our non-human friends.

136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792
Phone: (303) 866-2471
Fax: (303) 833-2003
Write to the Governor here




1 thought on “Rodeo abuse: Colorado (from SHARK)”

    you ar all dumb!
    these horse and livestock live for this!
    the rodeo cowboys get injured more often then the animals!

    its a lifestyle not a hobbie!


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