Noddy’s no baby (AU)

In an article entitled “Don’t tell Noddy he has big ears,” Annalise Walliker reports for the HeraldSun on the mammoth shire who may be the tallest horse in the world.

    Noddy who may be the worlds tallest horse (Photo by Ian Currie)

    AT 20.1 hands – or 2.057 metres – and 1.3 tonnes, Noddy’s no baby, but tell that to doting “mum”, owner-trainer Jane Greenman.

    The five-year-old shire horse, whose full name is Luscombe Nordram, was raised by Ms Greenman in Pakenham and is believed to be the world’s tallest.

    Ms Greenman, who at 172cm is no shorty either, had no idea the foal she hand-reared from the age of six months would grow so big.

    “The scary thing is he still hasn’t finished — shire horses aren’t fully grown until they’re about six or seven,” she said.

    “We have to use a ladder to get on top of him, or swing off a tree. My friends once had a competition to see if anyone could get on him from the ground unassisted — no one could do it.”

    An English-developed line of draught horses, shire horses date back to Roman times. Noddy will be among 1300 horses at the Royal Melbourne Horse Show at Werribee Park from March 12-15.

    It could be the last chance to see him: Americans are showing great interest. The tallest known horse on record is one in Texas, at 20 hands.


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