Happy Birthday Sinikka!

The Int’l Fund for Horses family wishes a vibrant and happy birthday to the irrepressible SINIKKA CROSLAND.


Sinikka Crosland, a registered nurse who took early retirement in order to work for the welfare of animals, was born in Vancouver, B.C., on this day.

By age four, she had discovered the irresistible magnetism of the animal world and, accordingly, stray cats who happened to find their way into her yard were enthusiastically cuddled, fed, and coaxed to stay. At age ten, her passion for equines grew to the point that she was banned from producing anything horse-related in her 4th grade class for one whole month….no stories, no sketching pictures of horses during all of April. It was a tough four weeks, but she compromised by writing and drawing pictures of other beloved species of animals instead.

Over 20 years were to elapse before Sinikka could experience the joys of actual equine companionship. An Arabian-draft cross horse named Kelly won her heart, taught her to ride, and fascinated her with his wit, loyalty, and humor. With Kelly’s help, she learned the language of horses. In 1994, after helping out during a local neglected horse crisis, and then reading articles about the Pregnant Mare Urine industry with its resulting slaughter of foals, she was ready to fulfill the life-long dream of helping animals at risk. TRACS (The Responsible Animal Care Society) was thus born, and she became the organization’s Co-founder and President.

Sinikka Crosland with equine friend MistyOver a decade later, and with the help of renowned horse rescuer Dr. Ray Kellosalmi, TRACS has rescued and re-homed hundreds of displaced PMU horses. During the summer that B.C. was ravaged by wildfires (August 2003), the organization purchased a herd of horses from a B.C. feedlot and found good homes for all ten equines, including geldings, foals, pregnant mares, and even a special-needs horse with a bilateral foreleg deformity.

To address the problem of horse slaughter in Canada, Sinikka co-founded the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition in 2004 and became Executive Director of the organization. She is also a director with the International Fund for Horses.

Quote from Sinikka Crosland: “Help us lead Canada’s horses away from barbarism . . . and into the protected pastures of a civilized nation.”


Animated birthday cakePlease make it a special day for Sinikka and the horses by making a donation to the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition.

Here’s the link: CHDC Donation Information.

Thank you!

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