Young foals shot in Nevada (US)

Willis Lamm reports:

Some nut case is going around shooting young foals up in Washoe County. For the record, these are likely to be BLM horses as the incident occurred several miles north of the Virginia Range. A naturalist hiking in the area provided this account and photos.

Last weekend I was hiking above Fred Tule Well which is just outside the north entrance to the Pyramid reservation. I was hiking up the Adobe Spring drainage and not far from the spring when I came across these three dead foals. All were within 50 yards and dead laying in the drainage. The two lower foals had been chewed by coyotes already but the upper was intact. They had been dead for some time but not long enough to be pulled apart by coyotes or other carrion eaters. Two of then you will notice from the picture appear to have been shot in the chest area as the ribs seemed to be broken away and internals blown outward. the upper foal as close as I could tell had a hole (bullet) in its neck and just behind the ear. There was no one else that I could see in the area. The photo of the drainage was taken above the foals about 1/4 mile. Here I saw the rest of the herd, about 15 horses grazing high on the hill. They had two foals with them as far as I could tell.

If this is to be pursued someone should go up there soon or the coyotes will have the carcasses spread before long. It is about a 2 hour hike from the end of the road above the Fred Tule well.

I am disgusted by the stupid murder of these foals. It is a shameful way of trying to save grassland for a few cattle. I would like to believe that is what it is and not something more wanton than that such as someone getting pleasure out of killing wild horses.

The BLM has been notified of this incident.


First View | Second View | Third View

3 thoughts on “Young foals shot in Nevada (US)”

  1. Horses are the best mammals in the world to me and seeing those pics almost made me cry.Who would do such a thing.There just wild horses trying to have a life but someone took that away, that makes me sick.


  2. That Disgusts Me … It Is Completley Unnecessary.Unless They Were Ill And There Is An Extremeley Good Reason BUT….

    Why The Hell Would You Leave Them There Why Wouldnt You Bury Them….
    I hope You Get Reported……..



  3. i cantbelieve any one in nevada would kill a inecint baby horse iam asamed that anyone would do that if they continue this they will be reported to the police.


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