Horse on the Hill: May 20, 2008

Horse on the Hill GrfxBy VIVIAN GRANT

Congress Passes Farm Bill

On Wednesday the House voted 318-106 to agree on the conference report for H.R. 2419, the farm bill extension. The Senate agreed on the report on Thursday. It extends farm programs for five years at a cost of $289 billion. In addition to adding $10 billion to nutrition programs, the bill expands food security programs and reforms commodity and biofuel programs. There is also additional funding for energy and conservation programs.

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer issued a statement calling the bill “a bloated, earmark laden bill that spends nearly $20 billion over its original cost and continues to balance subsidy payments to the wealthy on the backs of the middle class taxpayer.” You can see the full release here.

President Bush is expected to veto the bill, and Congress is expected to attempt an override vote.


Horse Slaughter – HR 503

HR 503 has 201 co-sponsors as of this writing. We have set a target of 215.

If you are a new subscriber and/or member, and have not gotten involved with us on this issue, here’s the link where you can find everything you need to know to contact your U.S. Representative :-

HR 503 Action Alert

Top Ten Most Powerful Senators

According to, the following are the ten most powerful U.S. Senators:

1. Sen. McCain
2. Sen. Kerry
3. Sen. Dorgan
4. Sen. Hutchison
5. Sen. Boxer
6. Sen. Rockefeller
7. Sen. Nelson
8. Sen. Inouye
9. Sen. Ensign
10. Sen. Lautenberg

Do you find it puzzling that 7 out of 10 of the most powerful Senators in Washington DC have co-sponsored S. 311 banning horse slaughter and export for slaughter, but not one of them — including Sen. Ensign who co-introduced it — have exerted any of their influence to move the bill through? I do.

I believe if I were a constituent of any one of these Senators, I would be asking them why they have not done something, anything to move this bill forward. Heaven knows, they have been asked, re-asked and asked again.

If any of the top ten U.S. Senators represent you, you may want to file this away to consider when election day finally arrives, and vote for the horses.

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