The Horse’s Ass


THIS ARTICLE, written by Robert Cohen,, is a punchy, no holds barred commentary on the state of Thoroughbred racing. The use of drugs on animals who are used for food, other byproducts, sports and entertainment runs deeply and a seriously dangerous trend.

Now you have been suitably warned, read on.

Begin Article

The Horse’s Ass.

That’s where they inject steroid hormones.

Into the horse’s ass.

Headline: Big Brown Wins Kentucky Derby and Preakness.

The horse of the year is a big cheat. He is a hormone abuser.

A human athlete would be shamed and banned from his sport for using steroid hormones. Big Brown wins with steroids.

Win as in Winstrol, an anabolic steroid which is banned in 10 states. Winstrol is also known as Stanozolol. Winstrol is injected into horses to initiate rapid and dramatic muscle growth. Winstrol is derived from testosterone.

Horses injected with Winstrol are hormone monsters.

Horse’s ass. Athletes using steroids are now society’s horses’ asses.

That’s where baseball players also have steroid hormones injected, in their posteriors.

Pariah Barry Bonds who will soon be in jail for lying to federal prosecutors about his steroid hormone use. Great white hope Roger Clemens who will squirm his way out of jail for committing the same crime as Bonds, but will escape prison by playing his lily-white “get out of jail free card.” Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees, who developed a pituitary cancer after his steroid use and was truthful with federal prosecutors. All three are horse’s asses in the same sense.

Which brings us to the upcoming horse race.

Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby while another horse was “humanely” destroyed on the track after snapping bones in both forelegs. Two years earlier Barbaro broke a leg during the Preakness Stakes, an injury that would eventually lead to his death after surgery and a year of painful rehab. This year Eight Belles was destroyed after a similiar accident.


Seventeen horses racing in this year’s Kentucky Derby race were non-human athletes treated with performance enhancers. Every horse was injected with phenylbutazone, also known as butazolidin (bute), an anti-inflammatory drug.

When it comes to drug use, race horses receive a free pass.

Baseball players do not. Steroid hormones make bones brittle. Why do sportswriters glorify such animal abuse by omitting this part of the story?

Would anybody applaud horse racing as a sport if each race did not involve gambling? With no wagering, would any individual watch ten two minute races involving horses running around a track, waiting twenty-five minutes between races?

The most successful horses go to stud after winning millions of dollars for their owners. Most of the losers go to slaughter. The majority of race horses end their lives in terror.

Their heads are repeatedly shattered by powerful [penetrating] captive bolt stun guns. They fall paralyzed to their knees and are then hoisted by chain attached to the rear leg to have their throats cut.

Every gambler and horse racing fan should witness the arterial spray of a once beautiful steroid-injected horse.

She whinnies as she chokes in her own blood. Her body is cut in half and then quartered. The meat is sold to butchers in Japan, France, and Belgium. The horse flesh becomes a delicacy for Japanese, French, and belching Belgians.


*****Warning Graphic Images*****

Big Brown may soon become the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed charmed the racing world in 1978. Should you witness Big Brown win the Belmont stakes on Saturday, June 7, 2008, know that you are watching a dying sport.

During the next two and one-half weeks you will read stories of glory of once great horses in the nation’s sports pages.

I once bred horses. I partnered with Seth Kaplow, a veterinarian at the Meadowlands racetrack in New Jersey. Seth’s wife Jessica trained our racing horses.

I went many times to watch our champion, Dustin Cody. We also owned three brood mares. Dustin Cody never won a race.

I invested large sums of money. I do not know Dustin Cody’s fate. I did not want to know. I wore blinders during that phase of my life. I was the horse’s ass.

To capture the spirit of a horse…

One of my favorite movies:

Robert Cohen

End Article

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