Rescue Me: New England Equine Rescue

by CHASTITY WEESE for Tuesday’s Horse

NEW ENGLAND EQUINE RESCUES (NEER) is a growing 501 (c) (3) federally recognized non profit organization. NEER networks with horse people all over the New England region. They are dedicated to helping horses and horse rescues in many different ways. NEER’s founder Beth Hill Ross explains, “There is no one facility, no one rescue, but a large group of people ranging from ‘an extra stall’ to larger non profit organizations.”

NEER is based in Rhode Island and has been in operation since 2005. Beth started the organization when she saw there was a need to create a system for people to come together who were interested in helping horses any way they could. NEER has 20 volunteers and 25 or more participating foster homes and adopters.

NEER is dedicated to helping horses by providing assistance to rescuers whether it is direct intervention for abused or slaughter-bound equines, effective placement of horses, raising funds or working for the passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. NEER do this by working to find good homes and providing assistance with volunteers, transport, horse rescue and care advice, referrals, and other types of support that will stop the abuse, neglect, and prevent the slaughter of horses.

When NEER has a place for a horse to go, NEER attends horse auctions frequented by killer buyers hired by horse slaughter plants to obtain horses to supply the horse meat market.

This is how NEER came to have a wonderful “Trick Horse” named Noir in their care. Noticed by Christy of Another Chance for Horses ( in a kill pen at the notorious New Holland in Pennsylvania, NEER soon discovered that Noir had talent. They also soon discovered that Noir had Sarcoids, a form of skin cancer, on several parts of his body. NEER decided to pay for laser treatment, and have been holding several different fundraisers for Noir’s continuing treatment.

NEER also helps countless horses obtained from people who need to sell or give up their horses for a wide variety of reasons through their extensive New England network. The number of horses NEER can rescue fluctuates depending on available resources and appropriate homes.
One of their most successful horse rescues is Dagh!

Dagh, is an 8 year old registered, 80% pure Brabant gelding. He was nearly purchased by a meat buyer at New Holland. Dagh had badly foundered, but has slowly recovered, and much more comfortable. “He actually did a three canter stride and 10 minutes of buck-n-fart the other day. When we got him, he walked like he was on broken glass in a bowl of alcohol,” Ross tells us.

This is Dagh in their care now. Look how beautiful he is! They feel he is the sweetest and nicest horse. Ross tells us, “He must have eaten almost virtually nothing to be as thin as he was, now he is like an air fern, big and fat!”

Dagh with red apples

NEER understands how much horses mean and how good they can make people feel. They also know how much many of our special equine friends need us, and with their ever expanding outreach and group of supporters, they do all they can to help as many as they can.

NEER are urgently seeking foster homes with people who are willing to take on displaced horses care for them until a good home can be found. They also hope people will join their efforts in becoming educated about horses, and help to educate others.

Learn more about NEER at and visit with them if you can. I am sure you will enjoy it!

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