Brumby runners give ‘sanctuary’ (AU)

Herald Morning Sun (AU) | June 09, 2008 12:00am

DALLAS Orchard may still be a few days short of his third birthday, but the pint-sized cowboy is ready to carry on the family tradition of brumby runners.

Dallas’ family has opened a brumby sanctuary in Benambra, 250km northeast of Melbourne, and the tiny toddler “just wants to ride everything”, according to his mum, Tahnee.

“He just wants to copy his Dad and his Pop. He calls himself a hard-working man,” she said.

When Dallas takes over at the park he will become the sixth generation of brumby runners in his family.

Breaking a Brumbie Australian Style
Jock Sievers breaks in a foal at a brumby sanctuary, 250km northeast of Melbourne.
Picture: Fiona Hamilton

The family-run Australian Alpine Brumby Park, which is home to more than 45 brumbies, keeps the wild horses safe from the threat of poachers and dingoes, but also provides tourists the opportunity to see brumbies run free.

The alpine park was planned to be up and running in 2003, but fires across the region wiped out much of the estate.

With more funding, the family hopes to build huts for tourists to base themselves in while enjoying the peaceful surrounds.

“We’re just living our dream. This is what makes us happy,” Mrs Orchard said.

For more information on the park, including the possibility of adopting a brumby, visit .

[TH Note: This is not a true sanctuary where brumbies are allowed “to run free.” If it were, there would be no need to “break” the horses.

While no one wants to see brumbies poached and killed, the accompanying photograph clearly shows their manner of “breaking” a horse is just that — breaking it. Is this a better fate?

We are particularly offended that they hold themselves out as a sanctuary. It may be alright for a select few, but would you want to be given a haven there?

Please access the link below and post your comment:,21985,23832330-2862,00.html.

You may also write to the reported “sanctuary” at their website at the link above.]

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