Wild Horses: New Hampshire story


It was a chilly Friday, June 5th on the New England coast, where fog, mist and occasional rain marked the arrival of the enormous BLM ( Bureau of Land Management) caravan of tractor trailer trucks loaded with 70 wild mustangs and burros to the Hilltop Equestrian Center in Somersworth New Hampshire. At least that is what I understood from the review in the Eagle Tribune the previous week in terms of their numbers.

The makeshift “pens” used to control and divide the horses and burros up by age, size and I believe, gender, were a sorry excuse for shelter or even containment, too small and inadequate spaces for the animals to really stretch their legs after a long road trip, and not nearly enough room for all to get to the soggy hay, which was all that was afforded to them.

It was difficult enough to witness this humiliation first hand, but almost impossible to imagine what it must feel like to these once regal, roaming spirits to be in this broken place, in this broken condition. Their ribs shown through, especially the “yearlings”, from lack of proper nutrition, and lack of room to move for most of their young lives. They tangled in their small spaces, trying to get to food and water, many having open gashes from trying to defend themsleves in too small a space, no where to run, trapped in a corner of the “pen”.

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