Special horses stolen from Bishopstowe Lodge (SA)

By MELISSA DOUMAN | The Witness | South Africa | 14 Jul 2008

Two horses, trained to help people with conditions like alcoholism and autism and provide other forms of therapy, were stolen from the Pets Country Lodge in Bishopstowe last Friday night.

Owner Helen Steyn said her horses Amore (8) and Poiema (12) were among a group trained to provide people with equine-assisted therapy, which is new to South Africa.

Most of the horses had been badly treated by previous owners.

“We are so worried that they are going to be abused or mistreated by the people who stole them. We are afraid that they are going to be slaughtered and eaten or sold to someone else,” she said.

They spent the entire day on Sunday following a trail from the hole in the fence on their farm into a township and asked about 60 people if they had seen anything.

“They all said that they were not from the area, or that they didn’t know,” she said.

Superintendent Henry Budhram from KZN SAPS confirmed that the police are on the lookout for the horses, but have no leads.

Steyn has urged anyone with information to contact the SAPS horse unit on 083 778 0864.

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