Artist paints ‘Horses of the Bible’ (Ky)

Equine symbolism often also indicates intelligence, courage and grace, which is perhaps the reason why horses are frequently referred to as God’s favorite animal.

This quote comes from an article penned by SPENCE KIMBALL for the Advocate-Messenger, Danville, Kentucky.

The story tells us of artist Cynthia Webster Nave, an award-winning artist based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

11. (Photo submitted)
“Returning, Faithful and True” depicts the return of Jesus Christ as described in Revelation 19:11. (Photo submitted)

In a body of work entitled “Horses of the Bible: An Exhibition of Biblical Equine Art,” which is on display in the Upper-Level Gallery of the Community Arts Center, Nave has tapped into the 200 references to horses scattered throughout the various books of the New and Old Testaments.

Born in Whittier, Calif., Nave moved to Kentucky when she was 6 months old and quickly fell in love with the world-renowned thoroughbreds of the bluegrass, an attachment she attributes to the close proximity in which she lived to Churchill Downs as an infant.

“I just think those hoof prints made an imprint on me,” Nave said.

Although she never received any formal training, Nave’s love of painting is as old as her interest in horses, and these two passions have had a mutually enriching influence on each other over the course her life.

Nave forwent art school in favor of working with horses, and she spent 10 years helping at various horse tracts as well as Runnymede Farm, the oldest continuous thoroughbred farm in the state.

While working with the thoroughbreds, Nave’s mind never strayed far from painting, and horses were frequently the subject of her artistic conceptualizations.

In 1986, this fascination with equine art took a decidedly spiritual turn. After enduring a series of personal trials, she experienced a reinvigorated Christian faith and felt a call to use her talents to render passages from the Bible.

:: Click here for the rest of the story, and view more images of Nave’s inspired art.

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