Rescue Me: Charlie Finds an Angel (CAN)


I was exchanging emails with Shelley Grainger of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, and asked if she would like to write a guest feature article for Tuesday’s Horse. I know the CHDC are busy working on the horse slaughter issue in Canada, and it is important we keep up with and cheer their accomplishments.

Shelley quickly wrote back and pointed me to a story on the CHDC website called “Charlie Finds an Angel.”

Charlie the Blind Pony who found his Angels

Charlie is a pony they rescued from a killer buyer who frequents the Ontario Livestock Auction. Charlie is blind, and there were no takers except for a horse dealer who bought him for $21 on behalf of an abattoir in Saskatchewan.

But Charlie was one of the lucky ones. A local woman called Karen was there and could not get him out of her mind. So starts the dramatic tale of how Charlie found his Angels: Karen, her friend Elsa of Second Chance Farm, and Shelley of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, was found and safely delivered from the hands of brutal butchers into the loving care of horse rescuers.

Read the full story, see more pictures of Charlie, and view a video at the CHDC website at

Photograph: Canadian Horse Defense Coalition

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