Ditch Mitch Kentucky

Ditch Mitch campaign poster.  Hillbilly Report.
Ditch Mitch campaign poster. Hillbilly Report.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky hails itself as the Horse Capital of the World and the industry takes in millions of dollars every year. Yet its powerful Senator, Mitch McConnell, puts the interests of the horse industry above the humane treatment of its central asset, the horse.

When names are named of active anti-horse Senators, McConnell is always one of the first mentioned. McConnell uses his influence to not only interfere with the success of pending horse protection legislation, but also existing laws, and government agencies in charge of making sure horse welfare regulations are enforced.

McConnell is up for re-election this November, and Kentuckians have the opportunity of throwing him out, and helping not just Kentucky horses but horses nationwide.

McConnell may seem unlikely to face an insurmountable challenge from wealthy businessman Bruce Lunsford (D) for election to his fifth Senate term, but in the most recent poll, McConnell is still under 50% and opponent Lunsford is inching closer. Several reliable political pundits say McConnell is among ten top Senators vulnerable to losing their seats.

So you see, the forthcoming election is a highly volatile one. A strong voter turnout is highly anticipated this November, particularly Democrats. Together with Independents and more disenchanted Republicans than corporate controlled media would have you think, anything can happen.

The Fund for Horses has enough registered voters from Kentucky in our horse voting bloc committed to voting AGAINST vile horse hater, Mitch McConnell, to make a substantial impact. We call on all Kentuckians to get involved, and make it happen.

Find out more about McConnell in John Cheve’s expose entitled, “Senator threatened USDA over horse inspections” revealing McConnell’s interference in horse soring inspections and the Horse Protection Act. The Horse Protection Act … you know, the piece of legislation amended to ban horse slaughter and export for slaughter, H.R. 503.

. . . Next week, we will tell you about horse slaughter champion Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), who is in a very tight race for his seat, and why we can and should send him and his nasty staff packing.

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