Cholla the Painting Horse: To exhibit in Italy and Michigan


Location : BROLO Centro d’Arte e Cultura
Via Rozone e Vitale, 5
31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV) – Italy
phone +39 041 5937242

Curator: Viviana Siviero
Date: 18th October – 2th November 2008

The 3rd International Art Prize Arte Laguna
will include Cholla’s
” The Big Red Buck ” framed original
in their Juried Competition.

The entries were open to all artists, without any limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualification.

The jurors have selected Cholla to be one of their 30 finalists in their painting category competition, and although a horse, have listed his name as “Cholla Chambers.”

But that’s not all.

Cholla will have a SOLO EXHIBIT here in the States at
The Art Cafe in Davison, Michigan. Nov 1 – 30, 2008

Kurt Kohl
The Art Cafe
217 Shoppers Alley
Davison Michigan 48423
Phone: (248) 210-0862

About Cholla

Cholla’s paintings have made him famous. His art has been displayed in several galleries, newspaper and magazine articles and featured on the Martha Stewart show.

In June 2006, one of his paintings was awarded Honorable Mention in the ‘Art At Large’ gallery on Ninth Avenue in New York as part of a juried gallery exhibit titled “Going Underground.”

Cholla was also ranked as the fourth top-selling animal artist in the world (behind a Chimpanzee named Congo, the terrier dog “Tilamook Cheddar”, and a group of elephants).

“Cholla’s art is completely his own,” says his owner Renee Chambers, “I do not apply any paint to the paper, nor do I move the easel or rotate the paper at any time during his sessions. I do dip the artist bush in the paint for him as he tends to knock things over when he tries this on his own. He takes the brush from my hand and goes straight to the easel.”

Art by Cholla the Painting Horse. See more at or
Art by Cholla the Painting Horse. See more at or

Cholla (pronounced “Choya” which means cactus) is a Mustang/Quarter Horse cross, and Renee’s first horse.

Cholla was born in Nevada, out of a Quarter Horse mare by a Mustang stallion. Renee bought him after reading a classified ad that described him as a “well broke” buckskin.

He was gentle to Renee from the start, but in his past he hadn’t always gotten along so well with people. The rancher that owned him had described his rough “sacking out” experience– being exhausted, having his legs roped, then tied down on the ground and having sacks of flour set on his body until he refused to struggle– not your average, calm ‘sacking out’ training session. Cholla was therefore named for his bad reputation and one of the nastiest plants in the desert.

We will be auctioning one of Cholla’s paintings to benefit Fund for Horses Charities, thanks to the generosity of Renee … and Cholla of course.

Read more about Cholla at

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