Horse on the Hill: Voting for Horses 2008: US House

All seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are being contested. Fund for Horses have a few to endorse, and a few we recommend you kick out with both feet. We are highlighting the ones who may be in tight races, and we either want them to win, because we can always count on them. Or we want them to lose because they clearly see horses as a commodity, or out-and-out horse haters. How do we know they are horse haters? Because of the things they have said and they way they have treated us when we have either visited or spoken with their offices.

Here we go :-

Alaska – At Large
The Fund for Horses say throw this bum into a snow machine and send him home.
He has voted against or failed to support legislation to ban horse slaughter and export for slaughter, even though we hand-delivered numerous petitions and dozens upon dozens of handwritten letters from Alaskans for banning it forever. Even though hunting and trapping is central to Alaskan life, Alaskans by a vast majority oppose horse slaughter for any reason.

Young is also the subject of a federal investigation concerning bribes and failure to report gifts. He did manage to beat back a primary challenge from Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, though.

Now he has to defeat the Democratic opponent, Ethan Berkowitz (D), former minority leader in the Alaska House.

Arizona – District 8
Gabrielle Giffords is a first-term congresswoman who won an open seat in 2006 against a Republican so far to the right that much of his party abandoned him as hopeless. This time she has a much stronger opponent, the President of the Arizona state Senate, Tim Bee. She is the incumbent in what is likely to be another Democratic year. Nevertheless, this will be a closely watched race.

Horse hater Tim Bee is the one we can thank for derailing legislation to ban horse tripping in Arizona. The bill was highly successful, and on its way to passing with ease until he stepped in and killed it. Why would he even care? Because he was heavily “lobbied?” Tell Tim to buzz off.

Fund for Horses says: Vote Giffords, because she will do an all round good job for her state AND she will do right by the horses.

Giffords is enthusiastically endorsed by all of the horse rescues and sanctuaries we contacted.

Connecticut – District 2
Rep. Joe Courtney is a friend to the horses and can be counted on to vote their way. Co-sponsored legislation to ban horse slaughter and export for slaughter.

Connecticut – District 4
Rep. Shays is a friend to animals, the environment and can be counted on to vote YES for any and all horse friendly legislation.

Illinois – District 11
Here is a great opportunity to defeat a horse hater — one who thinks horse slaughter is just great. Her name is Debbie Halvorson, and she is trying to make the move up from State Senator (where she majority leader of the Illinois state Senate) all the way to Washington DC.

This is what she said when she voted “present” (which is a non vote and adds coward to her list of sins on this issue):

“I just don’t understand why we want to take away another option for getting rid of horses,” said state Sen. Debbie Halvorson, D-Crete.

Her opponent is Marty Ozinga (R), who owns one of the largest ready-mix concrete businesses in the country. This is a classic battle between an experienced Democratic politician who has come up through the ranks vs. a rich Republican businessman who can self fund the race.

A vote for Debbie Halvorson is a vote for horse slaughter.

Nevada – District 3
A Vote for Dina Titus for the U.S. House is a vote for wild horses, particularly beneficial to have her on the side of horses, because she gets it, and says so:

Sen. Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, who is proposing a bill changing the penalty for killing a wild horse or burro from a misdemeanor to a felony, says science indicates otherwise.

“All the biologists and range managers say that horses do less damage than livestock,” Titus said. “The problem is both the (Assembly and Senate) natural resources committees are dominated by rural ranchers who don’t care about the wild horses, they only care about cows.”

A vote for Dina Titus is a vote for wild horses.

New York – District 19
Rep. Hall can be counted on to co-sponsor and vote yes on horse friendly issues, including legislation to ban horse slaughter and export for slaughter. He has a very good chance of being re-elected. Let’s help him. Vote for John Hall.

New York – District 20
Kirsten Gillibrand pulled off a surprise win in this slightly Republican part of the upper Hudson Valley. Her win was partly due to her opponent, John Sweeney, beating his wife and having her call 911. She won’t be able to count on such good luck this time, but has the advantage of being the incumbent. Gillenbrand gets an A+ on horse friendly legislation.

Texas – District 22
Fund for Horses LOVE Nick Lampson. He has always been among the only 4 or 5 Congresspersons to co-sponsor bills banning horse slaughter, all the way back to HR 857.

Guess who’s running against him? Cornyn’s chief of staff, Pete Olson (R). Blech.

This is Tom DeLay’s district, and heavily Republican. We don’t care.

ELECT NICK LAMPSON, for horses and for Texas.

If you don’t see your District and State here, AND if your candidate is already a member of Congress, check the following links to see if your candidate co-sponsored federal legislation to ban horse slaughter, and export for slaughter, for human consumption. They are all heroes for horses.

American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
H. R. 503

Equine Protection Act
H. R. 6598

If your candidate is a member of your state legislature, check their voting record on

What if they are a self-made millionaire type business person of some sort, or related to some other politician? Call their campaign office to ask where they stand on animal welfare, the environment — and of course any other issue important to you and your state.

Know something we do not (highly likely) about candidates up for election or re-election to do with horses. Let us know and we will add it here.

Thanks everyone. Be sure to VOTE!

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