Racing commission wants to raise horsemens’ fees (KY)

Oh, look, those money grabbing horse philanthropists in Kentucky are at it again, and they gotta have action fast or it will all collapse and everybody will die. They want to take everybody’s money and not give it back to anybody, because they are not really benevolent and protect nobody except for the guys and gals who keep making horses have sex with one another for money.

When will it ever be the horses’ turn? Hey, how about sending some cash over to the real stars — you know, those poor, forlorn critters you use up every single day. Oh, yeah, sorry, forgot, there’s a Hay for Horses fund put together by some sappy horse group in case the horses want to eat something sometime, after they’ve run their legs off forever.

Cross-posted from the Louisville Courier-Journal

By that good boy reporter, GREGORY A HALL:

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission is seeking an emergency regulation to increase 2009 licensing fees for owners, trainers, veterinarians, drivers and jockeys.

Earlier this year, the commission approved the same fee increases in regulations for thoroughbred and standardbred racing but those rules stalled in the legislative review process and wouldn’t be final in time for the start of 2009 licensing applications.

Today, the commission approved the increases again, asking Gov. Steve Beshear to sign them as emergency regulations that would take effect immediately for up to six months while a permanent regulation goes through the normal review process.

Marty Maline, executive director of the Kentucky Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, said seeking the emergency regulation could give Kentucky what possibly would be the highest fees in the country without giving horsemen a chance to express opposition.

Commission chairman Bob Beck told Maline that horsemen would have a chance to comment when the fee increase regulations are considered later by legislative committees.

The increases with the greatest impact would raise thoroughbred licenses for owners, trainers, veterinarians, jockeys, their agents and others from $100 to $150. With standardbreds, owners, trainers, drivers and veterinarians would pay $100 instead of the current $75.

The commission approved the new regulations subject to final revision by its rules committee.

Oh, no… not the friggin’ rules committee. It isn’t Halloween yet.

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