Follow the Foals with Frank (US)

Follow Frank Weller and the troops at Equine Angels as they travel from Connecticut to Wisconsin to pick of a group of rescued PMU foals and bring them back to their new home.

>> Click here to view posts, photographs, and once they arrive, videos. If you would like to send them an email, you can do that too! >>

Here’s the first video of the foals arriving, leaping from the trailer to put their hooves down on American soil, and assured safety, for the first time.

Video One

Video Two

Update: The foals have arrived and are in quarantine at Ray of Light in Connecticut. I just spent the weekend there getting to know the foals, and helping Frank Weller out with them where I could. More to come soon.

New video of the rescued foals is also on its way, and we will post it here as soon as it’s done “cooking” on YouTube.

Visit with Frank and Equine Angels at Equine Affaire, W. Springfield, Massachusetts in C Barn, Stalls 275 and 276, November 13-16.

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