Charles Town races sing this song

Charles Town races in W. Virginie say they do have a no slaughter policy, do da. Charles Town races sing this all day long, oh do da day.

That’s really nice. So, tell us. What is your no slaughter policy? Oh, okay, it is just enough to say you have one. And what is that no slaughter policy? Oh, you have one, and it’s working cause you say it’s working, and you have caught a couple already. When was that exactly, and who was it? You can’t say. Okay, then. So, we’ll go away now.

This is one of the reported responses to callers asking these nice, polite questions because we heard Charles Town Thoroughbreds are still making their way into the horse slaughter pipeline. We were just trying to be helpful, because we know how serious Charles Town is now about avoiding the meat man.

Intertwined with all of this is the story about the last gasp save of September Princess. We received some interesting emails, all contradictory, on that. The upshot is, for those who have been asking, September Princess is safe. Kim, who rescued her, explains all at

Here is one email statement painting Charles Town as a happy horse killer racetrack:

Charles Town needs to get with the “no slaughter” program. They will be a tough nut to crack, but it is time. Charles Town horses fill the slaughter pipeline and direct to kill pens of such individuals as Bruce Rotz, Mel Hoover, Peter Preston, and Charlie De Hart just to name a few.

Why do Thoroughbred racetracks even allow killer buyers on their premises and take horses directly off the track? Oh, right, they can’t dictate to owners what they do with their horses. What about the trainers?

Are you writing all this down, Tommy?

Oh do da day.

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