Wild horses and burros stay on death row til next March (Nevada)

We are just too tired after listening all day to the wild horse and burro shootout at the Okay Corral somewhere in Nevada, but who can tell cause it’s all desert anyway, and the sun is so hot it melts your compass.

So without further ado, we’ll just let the local teevee station tell you all about it. Brought to you by the happy folks at NBC Affiliate Channel 4 KRNV. We think R stands for Reno or someplace. Sami Davies did the reporting, and here’s what she says:

The National Deputy Director with the Bureau of Land Management says he thought it would never come to euthanizing wild horses.

Tensions were high as dozens of people met with a BLM advisory board Monday to have their say about euthanizing horses across the west.

Horse advocates say it’s unfair to animals and euthanization doesn’t follow a federal law that protects them. Adopting the non-native species has proven difficult due to the eclining economy. So where do we go from here?

The BLM’s decision on whether or not to kill the horses has yet to be made. They say they hope to make a decision around March when congress will vote on budgets for the next fiscal year.

The BLM says euthanizing the animals is their very last resort. If it became necessary, they say, they’ll used lethal injections.

The BLM stated in August that it cost them $37 million to care for the horses, an estimated cost of $58 million is expected in 2009 and an incredible $72 million estimated for 2012.

There’s a video report AND you can take their poll on what YOU the taxpaying American thinks should be done with the wild horseys and burros besides murdering them in their sleep.

Go here really fast before they take it down. Thanks. The End.

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