Horse dopes (US)


Okay, we all know that racehorses get doped up all the time by everybody. Sometimes it’s even legal.


Todd Pletcher got caught and where of all places but the biggest horse racing palooza of them all, that equine pimpfest, the Breeder’s Cup.

The AP tells us:

“Wait a While, third-place finisher in the $2 million Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Turf at Santa Anita on Oct. 24, has tested positive for excessive levels of procaine, a local anesthetic.”

Well that makes sense to drug up a gzillion dollar horse so she won’t feel anything or sneeze.

Anyway they are going to hold a blabfest or something on Dec. 14 to figure out if they should take this reprobate mare’s prize money away and right at Christmas too. Oh, and they might make Pletcher give them some money for 30 days, or something. >> This of course may not happen at all because he goes to horse court all the time and has lots of good stories like, I don’t know how those drugs got into those racehorses. NorthstarView >>

Pretty tame goings on in California. Nothing compared to what’s going on in Kentucky.

The enforcers of good in the self-proclaimed magic kingdom of Thoroughbred racing have been punishing some poor old vet for giving Thoroughbreds snake venom when they weren’t bitten or stung or whatever. It’s supposed to deaden the nerves … well, yeah … but they are not sure if that would help a horse win or not, but it could kill them, but let’s not think about that right now.

It seems the venom traveled all over the place, but the horse doc says that’s usual, and he can’t remember all the drugs he’s got with him all the time. The horse dope is mixed up with the people dope, and it just gets too confusing. Anyway, he doesn’t know how that big fancy Thoroughbred got the elixir d’cobra unless the horse stole it out of the refrigerator.

The vet has been banned here and Australia too where he cannot treat camels except for bad breath but only if they are not racing. >>

Hats off to the guys and gals at the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium for looking ever so serious busy like about catching all those horsey drug addicts. Oh, look. They are spending millions of somebody’s dollars, but they’re not exactly saying like, but it must be somebody nice who wants horses not to cheat anymore like other athletes:

“Thus far in 2008, the RMTC, which relies solely on contributions, had received almost $900,000, with about $1.2 million in cash on hand. In 2009, the organization hopes to raise about $700,000 from industry stakeholders, get $500,000 in grants, and receive $1 per start from racetracks and horsemen.” >>

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