Stench-holm fosters murderous plans for horses (US)

WARNING: Graphic Images contained on this page.

Horse hater Charlie Stench-holm is back fostering murderous plans for horses with delirious delight, especially if it’s done in the good ol’ U S of A.

Horsemeat Charlie got kicked out of Congress because nobody but the most barbaric Texan would vote for him. Then Stench-holm became an animal killer for hire lobbyist, and worked for the horse slaughter plants until they got closed down. He is such a loser, he was beaten by the whiny animal rights’ wackos he hates.

An Associated Press article states that Stench-holm is helping P-E Obama put together an agriculture team. In it Stench-holm states, “We don’t have in place a system that can adequately deal with food safety,” he said.

This from the guy who hunkered down in dark corners with his horseblood lusty boyfriend Bob Gobshite and plotted how to keep the horse slaughter industry going so this country could export tons and tons of horsemeat chockful of yummy things like carcinognic drugs.

Oh, look. Stench-holm wants to give the job of killing horses for their meat to Indian tribes being held in American prison camps, otherwise affectionately known as reservations. They’ll just love that. Better they stick to gambling and selling cigarettes.

Charlie Stench-holm dreams of turning this ....
Charlie Stench-holm dreams of turning this . . . .
. . .into this.
into this.

The AP article also states:

“The agriculture industry also is interested in the selection of the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, amid concern over what impact stricter environmental regulations may have on agricultural operations such as feedyards.”

Oh, no. We musn’t tighten up those environmental laws. We just gotta keep having animal blood, guts, feces and urine, bursting full of the meds pumped into them, dumped into America’s streams and waterways by factory farms so we can have things like e-coli laden spinach and tomatoes.

For States who say they want horse slaughter — wait till you get a load of the sewage and environmental violations which will start from day one and do nothing but increase. Oh, yeah. There’s the stench from the butchery and screams of the horses too. Houston Chronicle >>

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