NCSL supports horse industry [endorsement] of horse slaughter (US)

Over at Feedstuffs, a weekly for trolls who kill animals for food, their crowd are all joyous and stuff cause a bunch of state level political types (NCSL) got together and passed something lovingly called the Horse Industry Policy.

What it really says is let’s slaughter horses in Amerka cause it ain’t fair that Canada and Mexico are doing it and we can’t, and besides all those effing horses are killing the horse industry. And let’s say processing while we’re at it so we won’t upset anybody like dimwits and such.

Of course this must have been orchestrated by the American Horse(haters) Council and its state level pawns, cause who else cares so much about the industry and not the horses, right?

Oh, look. These horse murder maniacs were helped out by breeding shed pimps, rodeo mafia and people too stupid to put a couple of hundred bucks aside to euthanize their horses when they are through using them.

They want to tell everybody on the Hill too that everybody but animal rights wackos want horse slaughter all over the place. Feedstuffs >>

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