Do NOT Rescue Me? Columbia Basin Equine Rescue (US)


There are more good people than bad, somehow, right? We like to think so and this may make up stupid most of the time.

Tuesday’s Horse like to feature equine rescues and sanctuaries who are shining lights and do exemplary work, and that everybody wants to be seen like.

Yes, we hear about the ones who maybe don’t do things right sometimes, depending on who you ask. And we all know that everybody who has seen a horse in a parade once or something automatically becomes an expert.

Anyway, at rescues and places, accommodation may not be splendid or anything, but they are clean and safe, and the horses — who come in with all sorts of problems and are happy to be any place other than where they were — do well there, and live out their days or find a shiny, new home where they are loved.

The Joans and Johns of Arc of horse saving spend their lives asking for money from anybody when they are not busy caring for the horses people dump on the world to take care instead of them, and we should give them whatever coppers we have.

Then there there are those who are nothing but horse killing con artists out to make a buck off the kindness of horse lovers who should be thrown into a trailer, taken to a slaughterhouse for horses, tied to a chair and made to watch one horse after another butchered till they lose their minds, or whatever sick type of sponge in their heads that passes for a brain melts.

One of the worst we have ever, ever heard of and is something, is Columbia Basin Equine Rescue.

Check out this from one of our favo blog rescue writer horse savior types. We’ll start you off, then you gotta follow the link and read around, you won’t believe your eyes, but we have not found one thing anywhere by anybody saying this just ain’t true. Only more crooks and liars. Here goes:

Well, it’s time for an update on everybody’s favorite faux rescue, Columbia Basin Equine Rescue. You know, those folks who “rescue” from a feedlot, except it’s not a feedlot, in Yakima, and except that they don’t actually remove the horses from said feedlot until some kind but naive person has agreed to pay 3x the horse’s actual value plus pay for an overpriced month of quarantine boarding – and actually coughed up the cash. No cash, no rescue!

I’ve talked about them before here and here and here and here. [Didn’t put live links. Figured you’d go over there — JM]

Well, the CBER drama continues unabated. Here’s a filly named Maple.

Maple. If the story is true, this sweet filly's flanks ended up on somebody's dinner plate.
Maple. If the story is true, this sweet filly's flanks ended up on somebody's dinner plate.

Maple was bailed out by CBER supporters, and they paid two months of overpriced “quarantine board” as well. Guess what happened next?

Yep. They took her back to the feedlot and traded her for something more adoptable. The filly had an offset knee. She went on the slaughter truck, after all that people had paid to keep her off it – well over $1000! Fugly Horse of the Day >>

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