Horse on the Hill: Jan 13, 2008 (US)

The Horse on the Hill Report, by the Fund for Horses
The Horse on the Hill Report, by the Fund for Horses

THERE ARE SEVERAL key pieces of horse protection legislation that will be introduced in the 111th U.S. Congress.

Here is the first.

H. R. 305


A bill banning the transport of horses in double decker trailers across the country was passed some years back, and essentially went into effect at the beginning of last year.

However, changes to federal legislation before it was signed into law, giving concessions to people like the rodeo industry to continue traveling horses this way, made it difficult to enforce.

This is a bill we expect has been introduced to close the loopholes in the previous ineffective legislation.

There are several states with a law in place that has been equally difficult to enforce, but has been helpful, particularly in New York, where horses routinely cross the borders on the way to horse slaughter plants in Canada.

What’s so bad about double deckers?

Double decker trailers are designed for short-necked species, such as cattle and hogs, not horses. However, current federal law allows horses to be transported in these trailers to any destination other than slaughter plants.

Since these trailers are not meant to carry horses, frequently the top deck of the trailer will collapse, resulting in horrific injuries and even death, as evidenced by the accidents of 2007 and 2008, including a deadly accident in Illinois.

Action to Take

If you support this legislation, contact your Representative in the U.S. House and ask them to please co-sponsor and vote yes on this measure.

Full text not yet available on, but should be there shortly.


  1. How to Contact Your Elected Officials
  2. Library of Congress, online as Search HR 305. Temporary link available only as of this writing.
  3. Track this Bill, (and create a widget for your website)

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