Kentucky Walking Horse Board throw out two (US)


Oh, look, we are so sorry but we didn’t see this til now cause we can’t keep up with the KHRC because they are busy probing everywhere. Seriously. Watch out.

Cross-posted from The Horse

Members of the Kentucky Walking Horse Association (KWHA) declined to re-elect two controversial members to the group’s board of directors during their annual meeting Jan. 10.

Former President Earl Rogers Jr., and former Vice President Gary Oliver were on the ballot, but did not receive enough votes to retain their seats, said new KWHA Vice President Spencer Benedict.

Rogers and Oliver vacated their executive posts last fall amid a Kentucky Horse Racing Commission probe into KWHA members’ compliance with Horse Protection Act (HPA) anti-cruelty regulations. Both men continued to serve as directors despite their resignations.

The organization also made headlines last July when hundreds of trainers withdrew their horses from a KWHA-sanctioned competition rather than risk being found non-compliant with HPA rules.

The group’s new leadership wants to relegate those incidents to the past, Spencer said.

“We just started working on a list of new goals,” he said. “We’re staying positive.” >>

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