North Dakotans want to study horse murdering (US)


Horses being transported for slaughter. Photo Digital News Agency.
Horses being transported for slaughter. Photo Digital News Agency.

NORTH DAKOTA aren’t sure how to murder horses so they want to spend a lot of taxpayer money to find out.

Horses who have lost their jobs or homes and stuff or being held in BLM strangleholds need to die right away. It is just so gosh darn expensive to send them across the border to get them killed there so let’s do it over here a lot.

Killing them will save the horse world from all these cheap, unruly animals they breed over and over and over using artificial insemination and cloning and enforced sex.

They call it processing of course because that sounds a lot nicer than saying slaughter them for food. Not that it hurts. It is actually doing the horses a favor.

And if they can’t get it done in ND, they expect their horse hating friends in Montana will do it instead, which does not make them jealous very much, at all. So there.

The Bismarck Tribune gives us the lowdown like this:

A North Dakota lawmaker is pushing a bill that would set money aside to study whether the state should process unwanted horses.

Rep. Rod Froelich, D-Selfridge, is sponsoring a bill that would direct $100,000 to study the possibility of opening a processing plant – otherwise known as a slaughterhouse – for unwanted horses in North Dakota.

Froelich said in light of federal regulations, as well as Illinois and Texas closing the only horse processing plants in the nation, the number of abandoned horses has skyrocketed, while the plants that accept horses have moved to other countries.

“People used to have a market for unwanted horses,” Froelich said. “The value of them has plummeted to nil.” Read more >>

Let’s see. There’s 100,000 horses too many, and they want $100,000. That’s a dollar a horse to find out how to kill them and make some money for everybody and save the economy. Hooray for horses.

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