Taboo: The sterilization of an equine icon (US)

Horse and Crown Illustration

WE HAVE LONG BEEN wanting to crown Cindy MacDonald Queen of Public Lands and give her the task of preserving our American Herds (name of her great WH&B blog) forever and a day, into eternity, all happy, safe and well, being able to breed and eat and drink and just everything else horses do to thrive.

Now we have even more reason to worship with bent knee and bowed head on a carpet made of crushed red velveteen before her royalness.

Here is a teaser from her latest post at American Herds, entitled “Taboo”:

Though the fiery exchange was brief, it was unquestionably intense as these two went head to head. Ginger insisted that since applying PZP to the Pryor Mountain mares, she had noted some very unusual effects, such as foals consistently born out of season, mares remaining infertile much longer than they were suppose too, some not reproducing at all and constant fighting among the stallions due to the mares monthly cycles keeping them on “high alert” because the pro-creation drive could never be fulfilled.

Allan expressed obvious frustration as he cut her off time and time again to declare the effects of PZP were well documented and her allegations were completely unsubstantiated. Yet Ginger continued to insist she knew the Pryor Mountain wild horses better than anyone, knew their history, knew their habits both before and after PZP, that its application was really impacting the herds and demanded HSUS do some follow up work and look into what she had found.

We love Ginger too of course, but are too humbled by her to speak directly to her presence or otherwise.

Anyway, you must read the entire article. It is right here. Go read please right now, all of it. Thank you.

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