Phone calls may help in Ohio horse drowning incident (US)

Cross-posted from the Ashtabula Star Beacon

By ELLEN KOLMAN – Staff Writer –

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP — Donna Yan at the Ashtabula County Humane Society says she’s received several interesting phone calls over the week about the deaths of two horses found Feb. 3 submerged in a creek on South Windsor Road Extension, about one-half mile east of Route 534.

“I am following-up on several leads,” Yan said.

According to the sheriff’s report, the two horses had been in the water for at least several weeks, since before the snow and ice. There was some decomposition of the carcasses. It appeared the horses were pulled into the water by rope around the feet and neck.

After the horses were pulled out of the water, Yan observed the larger horse was a small, standard-bred mare around 6 years old, dark brown, with chestnut color near the muzzle and a black mane and tail. The mane was cropped short and uneven. The smaller horse was a 6-month-old filly, chestnut in color with a black mane and tail.

“These horses looked too good to be dead. Someone had been taking care of them. The mare’s hooves were done, the teeth were good, and they looked fed,” Yan said.

Yan also observed the guardrail at the bridge had horse hairs on it. She believes someone backed up a pickup truck and dragged the horses over the side and dropped them into the creek. >>

If you have any information about this incident, please telephone ACHS at (440) 969-6100 in confidence.

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