Australia Fires: Lost and Found Horse Registry Launched (AU)

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Equine charity Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria (PHHWV) has launched a lost and found registry for horses misplaced during the recent bushfires in the Australian state of Victoria. The registry can be accessed via the PHHWV Web site.

“We have received many calls from people who have had horses wander into their properties after the fires,” the group noted in a statement. “Thankfully these people are happily taking care of these horses and have contacted us to help the horses be reunited with their owners.”

PHHWV aims to identify surviving horses and match their details to their owners using the information listed on the registry. The registry will also enable the group to tend to horses whose owners are injured and unable to look after them, or whose owners have died.

“We are also aware that some horses have been removed from fire affected areas for veterinary treatment and in some cases the owner has yet to be located,” the statement continued. “We encourage these people, and the veterinarians who may have relocated horses, to register as soon as possible.”

PHHWV noted that donations of goods are coming from all over the country and they have been inundated with calls offering assistance. They reported nearly 950 offers of temporary pasture for those in need.

If you have large quantities of feed and or hay that you would like to donate please contact PHHWV directly to make arrangements for delivery. Additionally, if area horse owners require more advice, assistance, or donated goods, call PHHWV 1 300 881 606 or visit the Web site

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