Lawsuit seeks control of Oregon wild horses (US)


So, I missed this last week.

A couple of old cow farts (my opinion — I do not know them and they may not be old), are suing the almighty US government because horses are eating up everything in Oregon and now their moo-moos do not have any place to dine out anymore.

That is because your cows are probably trying to eat dirt cos you didn’t move them little doggies along, and after they finished up all the blades of greenery and stuff that’s all that was left. You know you have to, right? Move them along? It’s just not their fault.

Of course it is the BLM’s fault, because everything always is. So, hey, horses, get off the grass cos it’s not yours and the bovine owners want it all just for them and nobody else.

Don’t these geezers know that the BLM horses jails are all full, even if they let some out to go home with sombody, because they end up having to come back?

UPI tell us this also in their interweb story about it:

The couple’s lawsuit, which was filed last week in Portland, comes after the Stouts’ cattle were accused of damaging the Murderers Creek federal holding facility.

Huh? How did dem cows get in jail? >>

Oh, look. It ain’t the horses.

You can see just how devastating cattle ranching is on our lands at Mike Hudak’s photo essay here >>. Mike Hudak is the author of “Western Turf Wars.”

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