McKay charged with cruelty in McBride horse abandonment case (CAN)

By The Canadian Press via Yahoo! News

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The owner of two horses who were rescued from certain death off a B.C. mountainside has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

Frank McKay of Edmonton is accused of abandoning the animals just before Christmas near the town of McBride, B.C., where snowmobilers found them trapped in the snow.

They brought feed and blankets for Belle and Sundance while volunteers started digging a one-kilometre trench that took a week to open up a pathway before the horses could be rescued on Dec. 23.

Shawn Eccles, the SPCA’s chief animal protection officer, said Tuesday the animals suffered from malnutrition and various health issues after being exposed to freezing temperatures.

“We placed the horses in temporary foster care were they received ongoing veterinary care until they were ready to be adopted,” Eccles said.

“Earlier this month they were placed in permanent homes in Prince George and Kamloops.”

Eccles said McKay will make his first court appearance in McBride on June 22. >>

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