Cold Lake teenager rescues 25 horses (CAN)

Cross-posted from the Cold Lake Sun

LAST WINTER BRENNA GARNER began visiting horses in a neighboring field never dreaming that one day she would be their owner.

Many of the horses were afraid and trembled when she approached.

After asking around Garner discovered the horses were slated for the slaughter house. The horses were purchased at auctions with the intent of having them slaughtered. The owner was holding them in a field across from Garner’s home.

In September 2008, Garner made contact with the fillies owner. In November, just one month shy of being slaughtered, the owner couldn’t go through with a tragic end for the horses and decided to keep seven. With help, Garner purchased the 18 remaining horses.

The horses have moved into Garner’s field where they are being sponsored and adopted. The horses now crowd around Garner like she is one with them. Instead of being skittish they are vying for her attention.

When asked what she does with them she said she “rides them and bonds with them”.

They are huge pets to her. When watching her with the horses it is clear to see she cares deeply for them. She mainly does English riding but also does well at bareback and western. She is training to compete in jumping.

Garner is the oldest of four children and lives on a farm 12km from Cold Lake with her family. Currently she is in grade eleven at Grand Centre High school. Garner is considering taking Power Engineering or Graphic Design after high school, as well as Equine Studies at Olds Alberta. She is interested in coaching and training.

Garner is truly a charm with the horses. She is patient with them and they all get her attention. she does not pretend to have rescued the horses on her own, but it does appear that she has done a wonderful job with them and that they in turn favour her.

Most of the horses have been adopted locally and by neighbors. Garner hopes to keep two or three herself, but she still has six or seven that need homes. More information on the horses can be found at www.ColdLakeSun >>

Note: The link does not work; neither does

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