Gus the lucky buck-less bucker (US)

Submitted by Mary D. Martin – MA Rep/Director NEER
New England Equine Rescue

Gus the Buck-less Bucking Horse got lucky when he was rescued through a network of horse lovers in New England, US. Photo courtesy of NEER.
Gus the Buck-less Bucking Horse got lucky when he was rescued through a network of horse lovers in New England, US. Photo courtesy of NEER.

HIS SCARS AND BROKEN FACE make it painfully obvious he endured years of abuse. The running style brand on his shoulder suggests a stint with a rodeo outfit. No one will ever know for sure.

All we really know is that he sat in a broker pen in PA. They said he was a bucking horse and that they were fattening him up for slaughter.

He was expressionless and sad looking but he caught the eye of Christy Sheidy president of Another Chance for Horses, who called Beth Hill-Ross, President of New England Equine Rescues.

Beth is known for being a champion for the underdog. The pictures of Gus touched her heart. Funds were raised on the Alex Brown Racing Internet forum by the Fans of Barbaro along with members of NEER and AC4H.

His meat price was raised and through NEER he was shipped to Maine for quarantine and rehab. Gus was tended to, cared for, and treated kindly – something he was unaccustomed too and not sure how to respond to, but eventually the fosters daughter Emily, a teenager, broke through and a connection was made.

She braved getting on his back and he didn’t buck. She trail rode him and he was a good boy.

When he was healthy Gus was put up for adoption. A stable in NH wanted to try him as a potential lesson horse. Gus did not like the hustle and bustle of the lesson stable and he couldn’t be cross-tied – he panicked and broke them. We think he was afraid he would be left or beaten.

A teen at the barn had taken a shine to Gus, Megan Mitchell of MA. Megan has horses of her own but wanted to help Gus. Her family decided to take Gus in and foster him for NEER.

Gus is enjoying a quiet life in a beautiful back yard barn with a large grass filled pasture. Megan has been taking Gus on trail rides down the street and through the trails in her neighborhood. He has been great.

Gus likes his new girl and she likes him. Her mom, Eileen is happy to help a horse in need. Eileen says Gus can stay as long as he needs to. If you drive by and see him out in the pasture – it is hard to believe this horse once had a horrible life.

The Mitchell’s are showing him what every horse deserves – kindness, respect, and understanding.

Gus the Lucky Buck-less Bucker, may the rest of your years be filled with happiness and peace. >>

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