Have a 50/50 Derby raffle for Re-Run

By CHRISTINE ORMAN on Facebook – Become a Fan

As most of you know the Kentucky Derby will be held on the first Saturday in May.

Many people hold Derby Day parties that range from high-class affairs to low-class affairs, big and small. In an effort to help ReRun raise needed funds.

I ask that if you or someone you know is planning on holding a Derby party to please consider including a 50/50 raffle amongst your guests to help raise funds for ReRun.

It’s called a 50/50 because the winner of the raffle splits the pool of money 50-50 with a charity (in this case, ReRun). This is a great way to raise funds for ReRun and give one of your guests the chance to win more money than s/he put in!

All you need to do is buy a roll of tickets and encourage all of your guests to join the raffle by purchasing tickets to be thrown in a jar. Typically, a person can buy 2 tickets for $5 and an arm’s length of tickets for $20. At the end of the party, one ticket is pulled with the winning number on it. Half of the money gets donated to ReRun and the other half goes to your winning guest.

Please add a 50/50 raffle to your (or your friend’s) Derby party and help ReRun continue to care for our ex-racehorses.

ReRun’s address: ReRun, Inc., PO Box 113, Helmetta, NJ 08828.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Thoroughbred racehorse? How about one of those beauties who are now off the track, looking for a new career and home?

ReRun is the just the ticket to help you fulfill that wish.

Check our ReRun’s website to find out the many wonderful ways you can get involved with these deserving horses, and give with confidence. And have a raffle too. At work and at play. If your office allows a Kentucky Derby sweep, I bet they would let you have a Thoroughbred Racehorse Adoption 50/50 Raffle too to benefit ReRun. ~ Vivian Grant


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