Court lets NJ go ahead with horse steroid rules (US)

The Associated Press reports:

NEWARK, N.J. – The commission that oversees horse racing in New Jersey can go ahead with adopting new rules governing the use of steroids in horses.

A state appeals court has reversed a ruling from last summer in which the New Jersey Racing Commission was prevented from adopting the new rules after complaints from an organization that represents the thoroughbred racing community.

The New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association says the racing commission went ahead and adopted rules before a study on the topic had been completed.

Tuesday’s ruling allows the racing commission to proceed with developing the new rules, though the horsemen’s association may still challenge them in court.

What is wrong with these folks at the NJTHA? Oh yeah, they must be from the breed ’em, use ’em and kill ’em brigade. I mean, come one, how many studies do you need to know steroids are (1) unfair and (2) unsafe.

Peta needs to do very little to put an end to horse racing. The industry is doing the job for them, killing its own sport and thousands of broke down race horses along with it. In the end Peta win. The horses win. The racing industry — a big FAIL.

Keep on going badfellas. ~ Editor

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