AAEP memorial program for the dead should be (US)

Written by JADED MARE

There I was, trolling through the healthy horse whatsit, and what do my eyes land on, but this ‘barrow load of horse muck.

Care For Them . . . Even After They’re Gone

Make a lasting tribute through the Equine Memorial Program.

Make an Equine Memorial Contribution to the AAEP Foundation and you will support the mission of the Foundation and help honor and remember your beloved equine friend.

Fort Dodge Animal Health will match all equine memorial donations made in 2009. The Equine Memorial Matching Challenge will match tax-deductible gifts made to the Equine Memorial Program before December 31, 2009.

To participate in this program, contact Pam Shook at pshook@aaep.org or call (859) 233-0147.

“Care for them . . . Even After They’re Gone?”

“Your beloved equine friend? . . . “

Is that by any chance the equine friend you just sold to the meat man?

How sad you must be.

Hey, why not give some of the cash you said you didn’t have to euthanize your horse and give it instead to the AAEP for their “we’re so sorry your nag is dead fund,” so they can spend it to make sure more horses are made dead too . . . . at the hands of butchers?

Huh? Maybe.


AAEP are asking horse owners to give them money to fondly remember their dead horses.

Does that include the ones euthanized killed by the thousands in slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico (and here at home too if only they can get some cowardly politicians to help them and the Feds to let them, all over again). Um, cause it gives us the sads although it is so humane and everything.

I mean, imagine it.

What a kind way to put horses to sleep — shooting them right between the eyes with a nice thick piece of metal, shattering their skulls. Some of those bolts are even electrified for that extra special “therapeutic” touch.

Oops, look over there. How come that one woke up? Uh, sorry, Mr Horse, but we have to slit your throat anyway, cause we’re in a hurry like, can’t stop now … whoops, there’s another one . . . . you know production costs, we can’t get behind, we have to butcher process so many per day.

And lookie here who is matching all those nice horse death memorial gifts. Fort Dodge. So, this is also brought to you by Wyeth, possibly responsible for even more millions of deaths of innocent horses than those ballsacks and fellow hypocrites, the AQHA.

How so very touching it all is.

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