Arizona Game & Fish reined in free speech at Expo (US)

Oh, look. The Government by and for who knows who does not want anybody to know anything about the wild horses and burros of Arizona except when they want to break a few out of their delightful for nobody holding facilities and foist them on the public to take care of, even though they could just bloody well leave them where the heckle and jeckle they are.

So says Jaded Mare …

Here’s what the excellent Julianne French told them what she thinks of the whole stinking mess, naming names and such. They printed it too, somewhere. Oh, yeah, at the soon to be extinct Tucson Citizen (is that really true? if so, we’re sorry)

April 7, 2009

As Congress pushes for better protections for vanishing wild horse and burro herds on public lands, and struggles with the Bureau of Land Management’s threat to kill 33,000 mustangs already removed, the Arizona Game & Fish Department refused to allow a local wild horse rescue group a booth at a state- sponsored Outdoor Expo.

Game & Fish Director Larry D. Voyles opposed increased protections for wild horses and burros under HR 1018, testifying March 3 before the subcommittee on National Parks, Forest Service and Public Lands.

But Game & Fish Deputy Director Gary R. Hovatter denies that the testimony is related to the action to restrict public education by the Wild Horse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert.

Game & Fish officials claim wild horses are not wildlife.

Wild horses and burros are nongame wildlife viewing attractions, however, that bring tourism and money to economically struggling communities such as Kingman and Heber-Overgaard.

Game & Fish is mandated to provide information to the public concerning wildlife, which includes conservation.

Public education in wildlife conservation is precisely the objective of wild horse rescue.

Last month, 11 burros were illegally shot to death 20 miles outside of Phoenix.

Game & Fish is deliberately repressing free speech of Arizonans who support viewing of wild horses and burros on public lands.

I call on the governor and attorney general to investigate the action of Game & Fish to repress free speech of Arizonans.

Julianne French

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