Wild horse groups continue efforts to end “brumby running” (AU)

Cross-posted by HorseTalkNZ

The Victorian Brumby Association (VBA) has met with the RSPCA in Melbourne to discuss its ongoing efforts to end the controversial trapping technique called “brumby running”.

Brumby running is a traditional method of capture where wild horses are roped from horseback, often at full gallop.

The VBA reported said last year that it would no longer support the Parks Victoria brumby running programme by buying wild horses captured using this technique.

“We are working hard to stop this inhumane practice and members of the VBA and the Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) met with the RSPCA in Melbourne this week to talk more about brumby running,” the group said in its latest newsletter.

“The RSPCA is very supportive of our efforts to stop brumby running and we are looking forward to working more with them in this matter.

“It was interesting to note the horror of the RSPCA as we described what ‘run’ brumbies go through. We deal with this every day and try to accustom ourselves to the facts of what our horses endure.”

The VBA said brumby welfare groups in other states reported that ‘run’ Brumbies are among their more difficult to deal with in their initial gentling stages.

“Behavioural experts such as Temple Grandin from the United States and Monty Roberts have been horrified by this practice also.

“We have the proof from animal behavior experts, the support of the RSPCA and the public; it can only be a matter of time before Parks Victoria realises that we won’t stop until brumby running has been banned in Victoria – and Australia.” Horsetalk.Co.NZ >>


Gosh, Temple Grandin, who hasn’t communicated with a nerve ending of her own or anybody else’s probably ever, is horrified? Don’t get us started on horse kindness evangelist Monty Roberts who is appalled by this but not by horse slaughter. Guess Temple explained to him it doesn’t really hurt as long as you are really nice along the way, and the horses are just not upset by it.

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