Reward for wild horse killers grows (CAN)

By KATIE SCHNEIDER | Edmonton Sun | Posted May 4, 2009

CALGARY — The senseless slaughter of four wild horses near Sundre has garnered international outrage, while the reward to catch their killer has grown again, to $25,000.

The shooting deaths of four horses, including a foal about to be born, has struck a chord with people from all over the province and as far away as Hollywood, where actress Alyssa Milano has posted interest in the issue on the social networking site Twitter.

The bodies of the four-year-old stallion, a yearling colt and the mare, who appeared to go into labour shortly after being gunned down, were found about 30 km west of Sundre last Tuesday night.

The Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOA), Innisfail Truck Field and Alberta Equestrian Foundation all pitched in to double the $10,000 reward that was set up in 2007 for other unsolved equine killings.

And after another anonymous donor contributed $5,000, the reward for information leading to an arrest has jumped to $25,000 in a matter of days, said Bob Henderson, of WHOA.

“Everyone who comes up to me is outraged, just totally outraged because of the senseless act,” he said.
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“We just need this to end.” Edmonton Sun >>

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