Off to the races again to win a Moneigh (US)

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Helmetta, NJ – It’s time to find that unique holiday gift for yourself, or a horse-loving friend, and make a tax deductible donation to a worthy charity at the same time.

ReRun, a 501 (c)(3) Thoroughbred racehorse adoption program, announces that its annual holiday eBay auction of Moneigh® paintings, created by famous horses, will be held November 29 through December 6, 2009. This will be ReRun’s largest auction ever, with about 40 paintings to bid on. Anyone can view this year’s selection by searching the word “Moneigh” on the eBay site. However, you must establish an eBay account to bid on a painting.

“Moneigh Mary” Simons, assistant to the equine artists, says this year’s auction will feature different breeds of horses to please all horse lovers. In addition to some famous Thoroughbreds who have won the Kentucky Derby and Breeder’s Cup, there will be some famous Kentucky and Florida stallions, broodmares, and up-and-coming racing stars. Other artists will include: a Dutch Warmblood, Holsteiner, Percheron, Standardbred, and mini pony. These particular artists have excelled in driving, jumping, harness racing, and just being cute.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Moneigh®, it is an original, abstract painting created by a horse, using the horse’s muzzle, whiskers, hoof, and tail. Some were created by the horse holding a paintbrush. When possible, the artist signed the work with a hoofprint. A brass plate with the artist’s name is attached to the mat and a lock of mane or tail is attached to the painting as a souvenir.

Our Mims Moneigh Self Portrait
Look at this painting by Our Mims (given as a gift to John and Cheryl Bellucci). The image on the left is the painting as done by Our Mims. Can you see the image of the horse head as John did? The image on the right includes his outline. It is clearly a self-portrait. Our Mims was the first ReRun Moneigh® artist.

Proceeds from the auction benefit the horses in the ReRun program who are housed in New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, and North Carolina. For more information on ReRun and Moneighs®, visit


RSVP on ReRun’s Moneigh Facebook Event Page

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