Terry Farley says she will deliver for our wild horses (US)

Via Email from Terry Farley

Terry Farley
Write a letter to the BLM calling for a halt to wild horse and burro roundups, send it to her and Ms Farley will read your name out at the Dec 7 BLM meeting.

Stampeded by helicopters, slammed into metal pens, torn from families when their hearts and heads say safety is with the herd, our wild horses have been robbed of their homelands and forced to stand dull-eyed in pens, awaiting the slaughter that the Bureau of Land Management says will come.

It’s going on today. Tomorrow. The next day.

And it’s done in my name and yours as if it’s the will of the American people, despite the cost, the lack of a clearly stated plan and our continued protests that this is NOT what we want.

That’s why my name is on a letter to President Obama and Congress.

You can see the entire list of horse advocates and agencies which have signed on.

Our most immediate request is that ALL ROUND-UPS MUST STOP until accurate numbers of horses and livestock are available and range conditions are evaluated by independent observers.

Want to help me help the horses?

Here’s how:

  1. Write a letter (feel free to use anything I’ve written to support your opinion). Speak your mind; no one can do that for you.
  2. Include your first name, age, and where you live (city, state, country).
  3. Mail your letters to Terri Farley, 565 California Avenue, Reno, Nevada 89509.
  4. I will stand up at the BLM meeting on Dec. 7, make a quick statement, then start reading the names, ages, and city/state/countries of those speaking for mustang freedom.
  5. I will be allowed 3-5 minutes speaking time & my goal is to read your names until they cut me off.

Let’s give the horses something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

— Terry Farley

Learn more about Terry Farley here.

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