Blackmarket butchers continue to kill pet horses (US)

Investigators Warn Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast Horse Owners

MIAMI, Fla. — Investigators said some people are willing to shell out big money to dine on horsemeat, believing it has magic, curative powers.

Selling or buying horsemeat is illegal, but that’s not stopping organized rings of horse butchers from killing pets.

“His markings were awesome, he was an awesome horse in every way,” said Allen Owens, looking at pictures of his slain 18-month-old colt, Comanchee. Owens raised Comanchee from birth. He and his wife treated the blue eyed colt like a child.

“He was just a special horse,” said Owens.

A pet whose owners adored him, up until an August morning two years ago.

“As my wife approached she wasn’t greeted with the call she got greeted with every morning,” said Owens.

Instead, Mary Ellen Owens found Comanchee butchered. What looked like the work of a hungry alligator carried out by the hands of a human.

“They cut his throat, cut him down and butchered him right on the floor of his stall, and left the remains for my wife to find,” said Owens.

Comanchee was the first in a string of 22 recent horse slaughters across south Florida. Thoroughbreds, horses with engraved halters, pets killed right on their owners property, their bodies left mutilated in the scalding Florida sun. ABC-TV, WPBF Channel 5 >>

Related images from NBC News New York, from their story, “From Race Horse to Main Course.”

Warning: Images are Extremely Graphic. Click images to enlarge.

We thank WPBF for running this story, and continuing to alert horse lovers about the ongoing dangers related to the horsemeat black market.

— If you have any information that can help, please contact the local authorities.

Contact Florida Governor Crist, and ask him what he is going to do protect horses and their owners from these murderous crimes.

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