Alone (Poem)


Thin Gray Line

Alone in a field, a paddock, stall or lot
From where does thy nurturing come
A kind touch, a gentle thought,
Cool water, warm straw, oats and grain
Or left alone, bound by the human handlers
How does that fragile heart keep hope alive
Relying on the kindness of those in control
Deciding on how well to be kept or how badly
Yet when greeted by these curious creatures
That are your handlers, give them a soulful eye
A soft nudge, a gentle neigh,
How truly gracious and magnificent you are
To give and give not based on cause
To give the unbridled love you freely share
To want only a kind hand, a loving heart
To be the best you can for our poor souls
To love us without question, to stand alone
Alone in a field, a paddock, stall or lot.

Thin Gray Line

© Debra Stuart 2009 Worldwide. All Rights Reserved.

— Special thanks to Debra for sharing her beautiful words with us. Debra is a romance poet, but writes of wide ranging feelings of love and devotion. Read more of her work at

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