Equine injury data called critical to racing (US)

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By TOM LaMARRA | 9 Dec 09

The Jockey Club Equine Injury Database has compiled statistics over a 12-month period for 84% of all flat racing in North America, but now comes the process of analyzing the data in an attempt to quantify the results.

Dr. Mary Scollay, equine medical director for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and veterinary consultant for the EID, said Dec. 9 stats were taken from Nov. 1, 2008, through Oct. 31, 2009. In January, local data will be rolled out, she said.

Scollay, who spoke during the University of Arizona Symposium on Racing & Gaming in Tucson, said the Jockey Club is now checking to make sure there aren’t errors or redundancies in the data. The information will then be given to Dr. Tim Parkin, who is on the faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

There is no timeline for release of general data to the public. It remains to be seen how it will be presented given the numerous variables involved, but Scollay said she and others understand the importance of its release.

“We understand the urgency,” Scollay said after her presentation. “If we don’t start providing it, people will see it as a black hole. The industry needs to fear lack of data more than it fears the data itself. The message to people watching us is a terrible one if we’re not able to establish accountability.” Read full story >>

1 thought on “Equine injury data called critical to racing (US)”

  1. Way to many Horses are injured on The Race tracks today !!! There is a site called Racehorse memorial wall if you visit there you will see the thousands of horses names, and what happened to them on the track ,all of them were euthanized…. So sad to read about them ……….and how they were injured …… You know Race Horses are athelets , just like a football players, they should be rules to follow to insure the most protections are given to them before each and every race…. would you send a football player on the field without his helmet????? These horses make all kinds of money for their owners, I believe there should be a fund that out of every race horses winnings, that a certain portion should be given to help the ones that get injured……. Its just a few thoughts, that someday may be realized by the Horse Racing Commission……..Also now many Race Tracks are adopting a policy that is in the contract owners sign, that no horse leaves their Track in the back of a Slaughter Truck, Mountaineer is one the the Racetracks that have adopted this policy most recently, Kudos to Rosemary Williams, Director of Mountaineer Race Track


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