MP Alexandra Mendes’ Private Members’ Bill C-468 (CAN)

An Act Respecting the Health of Animals Regulations
(Animals in Transit)

Thin Gray Line

On Oct. 29/09, Hon. Mendes brought forward a Private Members’ Bill in the (CDN) House which amends section 148 of the regulations by reducing transport times for equines, swine or other monogastric animals from 36 hours to 8 hours and cattle, sheep, goats and other ruminants from 52 hours to 12 hours.

These changes would be consistent with the findings of the EU Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Welfare. Bill C-468 was seconded by MP Alex Atamanenko.

You can show your support to Hon. Mendes by emailing her at and by emailing your MP as well.

For further information:

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals:

Animal Alliance of Canada:

World Society for the Protection of Animals:

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